Bradshaw among the cream of Week 9's RB crop

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Marcas Grant: Who would have imagined that this would be a Week 9 fantasy conundrum? Considering the two players involved and their respective matchups, this is a win-win for you. But if you're looking for the guy with the best opportunity, I'd lean toward Ingram this week. Road teams on Thursdays are often a little sketchy, but running backs tend to fare a little better. Plus with Drew Brees' continual struggles away from home the Saints could lean on the running game. Bradshaw should still prosper but it's worth noting that because of a bye week the Giants have had more than a week to game plan. That could make a difference.

M.G.: I have done very little to hide my fantasy man crush on Le'Veon Bell this season. But for this week, Bradshaw is the better play. Yes, I know what I just wrote, but the Giants run defense has been multiple kinds of awful this year -- a bye week can't completely fix that. Meanwhile, the Ravens have been pretty solid against opposing ground attacks. Nonetheless, I would do my absolute best to plug them both into my lineup -- who's your RB1? -- but if you're forced to pick ... it's Bradshaw.

M.G.: Oliver burst onto the scene with a couple of big games in his first two starts. But since then he's faced some tougher matchups and the production has dropped precipitously. This week offers another tough contest with the Dolphins on tap. Conversely, Robinson has taken advantage of a couple of tough matchups and this week faces the Bengals, who are allowing the sixth-most points per game to fantasy running backs. This looks like another week in which Shoelace won't be tied down.

M.G.: In this case, McKinnon is your odd man out. Washington's defense has been very good against running backs this year. And don't give me the "But DeMarco Murray had a nice day." Yes, but Murray's offensive line is far better than McKinnon's. Don't expect 100-plus yards from the Vikings running back. Ingram has a fantastic matchup and Oliver is in a better offense. Those should be your two starts this week.

M.G.: Don't be fooled by the name on the front of the jersey, the Jaguars secondary has done a fairly good job of slowing down wide receivers. They just haven't stopped any of the other positions on the field. I like Sanu, but this week I'd roll with Hopkins. Houston will need to score a lot of points to keep up with Philadelphia and Arian Foster can't do it alone. Ryan Fitzpatrick will need to put the ball in the air to keep the Texans in this one. Hopkins' #MarchTo1100 could take a big step forward this week.

M.G.: The Philadelphia defense is full of holes. But they force turnovers. In fantasy, that's what counts. As long as the Eagles offense is clicking, the Texans will likely have to go to the air in order to keep up. That means more opportunities for sacks and interceptions. Which means more scoring for you. Fly Eagles, fly.

M.G.: Allen's matchup is probably the worst of the three on paper, but recent developments have me back on board with the Chargers receiver. Philip Rivers hasn't completely given up on him, as evidenced by the number of targets Allen has seen in the past couple of games. It's also encouraging that he finally found the end zone last week. There's a distinct chance for Allen to rebound in the second half of the season and it could begin this week.

M.G.: Not this week. Cincinnati's secondary is pretty ferocious, which doesn't bode well. The only saving grace is that the Bengals' pass rush hasn't been quite as fearsome this season. That could allow Robinson to get downfield for Blake Bortles. But I'm not a huge fan of starting guys and expecting their on-field windsprints to translate into points (I'm looking at you, Kenny Stills), so if there's another option available besides Robinson, I'd consider that.

M.G.: That's ... unfortunate. The tight end position has been about as hard to figure as any in fantasy this season. But if you're left scraping the bottom fo the barrel, you can take a chance on Coby Fleener or Lance Kendricks. Both have been utterly inconsistent, but occasionally find their way into the end zone. If you're looking for some other deep-dive tight ends, take a look at Niles Paul or Ladarius Green. Good luck!

M.G.: Did you read what I just said about tight ends? With six teams on a bye, it's hard to let Cameron go this week -- or next week -- unless you know there's someone available for you on the waiver wire. Admittedly, Cameron has been a big disappointment this year, but the tantalizing prospect of some decent fantasy numbers at a position that has been bereft of consistency makes him hard to completely drop. Bench him for the time being.

Bonus question:

M.G.: Define "OK." But ... probably not.

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