Bowles revisits starting Geno Smith over Fitzpatrick

Todd Bowles has slept on it.

One evening after assuring the press that Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick would retain his starting position after being benched in favor of Geno Smith in the fourth quarter of New York's embarrassing loss to the Cardinals, Bowles backtracked his statements.

"(Smith) did show some promise when he was in there," Bowles told the media Tuesday. "He understood the game plan. He did good for the drive he was in there (for).

"I did (revisit the idea of starting Smith) and when I discuss it with the staff, when they know, then everybody else will know. If I decide to make a move, they'll know tomorrow."

His comments Tuesday were a departure from Monday night's assertion that "Smith played (the role of) a relief pitcher. Fitz will be back next week. ... It definitely wasn't Fitz's fault. He barely had any time to throw."

The often reserved coach offered few other details on what has moved him to reconsider starting Geno at least against Baltimore in Week 7, but the fact that Bowles implied that the move would even be discussed Tuesday night is a major development in Jets country. After all, it was just two months ago that Fitzpatrick's contract holdout captivated the fan base following his breakout 2015 season and drew the supporters into an ecstatic frenzy once he signed.

Now, after five disappointing offensive performances, Fitz's honeymoon period is over, and Bowles' public reversal could signal a coming changing of the guard at QB.

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