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Bowles: Jets could keep all four quarterbacks on roster

Should we finally be warming up to the idea that the New York Jets could keep four quarterbacks on their 53-man roster?

"All four are good football players," coach Todd Bowles said Tuesday, via the team's official site. "We can keep all four. It's just a matter of battling with the other positions, so that's still up for grabs and we'll have to wait until after this game to see how that plays out."

The Jets will roll with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg during the preseason finale Thursday, ostensibly to give Petty one last chance to make the roster and to give Hackenberg one last set of game reps before a long season of mechanical alterations to his throwing motion.

Petty flashed unexpectedly this preseason and seems to be coming into his own sooner than expected. Hackenberg is the hopeful quarterback of the future and both are healthy at the moment -- unable to be stashed away on roster spot-saving injured reserve. If the Jets don't find a trade partner before the close of business on Sept. 3 for either Petty or Geno Smith, they could have one of the most unusual roster compositions in the league -- not unlike the 2011 where they carried three active quarterbacks all season (Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy).

Because NFL coaches and general managers are so often in lockstep, it would be fascinating to see a team break out of the mold. The Jets could be costing themselves a sixth wideout or a fourth running back. Bowles, with his multiple defenses, could be shorting himself a sub-package pass rusher, but it would finally lend some legitimacy to the tired line we hear from GMs all the time about keeping the best 53 players.

What do you do if four of those 53 players can play only one position?

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