Bowles: Abdullah is 'about as quick as Barry Sanders'

The Ameer Abdullah hype train is ripping so rapidly down the tracks after Thursday night's performance it's about to careen out of control.

New York Jets coach Todd Bowles added some gas to the burning optimism about the Detroit Lions' rookie running back after watching him rip off 67 yards on just seven carries, including a ridiculous 45-yard run.

"He looked like he did in college," Bowles said, via the Detroit News. "He's quick as a cat. He's about as quick as Barry Sanders. I'm not saying he is Barry, but he's a good running back."

Bowles isn't saying Abdullah is Barry Sanders. I'll be more blunt: Ameer Abdullah is NOT Barry Sanders.

I'm as hyped as anyone about Abdullah's potential, but to compare any of the rookie's traits to one of the top three running backs of all time after one preseason game is -- in any context -- acutely silly.

Some of the hysteria for Abdullah is certainly warranted. His quickness, cutting ability and vision are phenomenal. Going overboard with comparisons does neither the retired great justice nor the young player with heightened expectations any good.

Lions fans have been here before. From the great Tom Kowalski, I give you the headline: "Lions rookie Jahvid Best already being compared to Barry Sanders."

Best was out of the NFL due to concussions after just 22 games.

Every good young player shouldn't be compared to the best a franchise has employed at that position.

And I can't wait to watch him work.

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