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Blue chips and red chips: Defensive position rankings

It is blue-chip/red-chip time here at, which means ranking the top players and head coaches in the NFL.

In last year's blue-chip/red-chip column, I broke it down by team. This year I'm breaking it down by positions because it keeps the number of players on the list to the select few who meet the criteria for the grading system.

Blue chips and red chips: Offense

Michael Lombardi ranks the best players at each position, handing them his blue- and red-chip ratings. Take a look at the best in the game at the offensive spots. **More ...**

With a great deal of help from NFL Network colleague Brian Baldinger, we built a blue-chip/red-chip board. The goal was to get a top 10 at each position. But at some spots, like wide receiver and cornerback, we went more than 10. At others, like center, we went less. The end result is the top 73 players on offense and the top 75 on defense. Baldinger provided great insight and was a tremendous help, but I take full responsibility for the final product.

Definition of a blue-chip player
» Player demonstrates rare abilities and can create mismatches that have an obvious impact on the game
» Is a premier player in the league and a weapon on the field
» Combines competitiveness and skill to have a consistent championship-level performance
» Rates in the top five at his position in the league

Definition of a red-chip player
» Player has abilities that can create mismatches vs. most opponents in the league
» Is a featured player on the team and has impact on the outcome of the game
» Player can't be taken out of the game in one-on-one matchup
» Has a consistent level of performance each week
» Plays at a championship-level performance
» Rates in the top 10 at his position in the league

Before you rip the rankings, make sure to read the above definitions and make sure the player you feel has been slighted fits the description. Not everyone can make the list, so there are going to be some good -- but not great -- players who fall short. In a separate column before the season, I will rank all the teams, using a point-based system, to come up with my blue-chip/red-chip power rankings. 

So let's get started with the defense (click here for the offense). Also note that the players are listed in order, starting with the best player at each position.


» This was a hard position to handle as some ends are playing linebacker, and some linebackers play end. All the players here are true ends playing with their hand on the ground on every down (Mario Williams may be standing up now, but based on last year his hand was down all the time).
» I left off Osi Umenyiora because these other players are better and can play both the run and pass.


Red Chips
Casey Hampton, Steelers
Richard Seymour, Raiders
Kyle Williams, Bills
Darnell Dockett, Cardinals
Jay Ratliff, Cowboys

» In this group, I combined both nose tackles and defensive tackles.
» Ratliff was borderline making the red-chip list based solely on his relatively average play last season. But in the past few years, he was dominating and therefore his career play won him the final spot.


Red Chips
Ray Lewis, Ravens
Brian Urlacher, Bears
Jonathan Vilma, Saints
David Harris, Jets
Barrett Ruud, Titans

» To qualify here, the linebacker must be able to play all three downs and impact the game.
» Lewis and Urlacher are near the end of their careers, but both still play on all three downs and both still impact their team. They just no longer do it at a blue-chip level.


» This position is mostly pure linebackers, with the exception of Suggs, who also plays some defensive end.
» The Raiders' Kamerion Wimbley and the Broncos' Elvis Dumervil were the biggest omissions. Neither are truly linebackers and are more rushers, and are thus hard to categorize.


» Since I went 15 deep on wide receivers, I felt it only fair to do the same with the guys charged with stopping them.
» It's important to note that some of the red-chip players, like Tillman and Flowers, are scheme-specific, but still outstanding in their roles.


Red Chips
Nick Collins, Packers
Earl Thomas, Seahawks
O.J. Atogwe, Redskins
Eric Weddle, Charges
LaRon Landry, Redskins

» The top two players here were easy to pick. Berry might be moving into that group if he has another season like his rookie year.


» When ranking the coaches, I also took under consideration the total staff breakdown, as some coordinators are extremely valuable.
» The Redskins' Mike Shanahan would have appeared on this list in the past, but the last few years his teams have taken a step back.

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