Blond returns for Browns WR Odell Beckham: 'This is how I feel'

Blond is back under the helmet for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham and with it comes a bit of a change in his mindset.

Hosting a roundtable discussion on his YouTube channel with former Giants teammate Victor Cruz, new Patriots quarterback Cam Newton and Falcons running back Todd Gurley, Beckham simply took off his hat to reveal the change -- or better yet the return to the blond he'd once showcased in his former days in Gotham.

His message behind the return came shortly thereafter.

"This is how I feel," Beckham said, via ESPN. "I'm tired of playing your game. Like me and Cam talk about, that humble [expletive], when you are inside, like, we are humble men ... but they've taken that humbleness as a weakness and they [expletive] on us. It's crazy to me, because when you're up and you're talking, they hate it. And for me this year, I'm trying to kill. Like, that's it.

"That's why the blond is back. There's nothing you can tell me."

Though the blond do is making a return, it's clearly emblematic of a fresh outlook for Beckham as he prepares to take the field in 2020 for his second season with the Browns.

Beckham's Browns debut in 2019 -- though he did end up with his fifth 1,000-yard season -- wasn't the phenomenal showing most, including OBJ, had hoped to bring to fruition. The statistics came amid a thoroughly disappointing 6-10 year for the Browns with Beckham, a three-time Pro Bowler and one of the game's biggest stars, dealing with injuries and going the surgical route to repair a sports hernia in the offseason.

With the return to blond, perhaps there too will come a return to form for Beckham.

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