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Blasts from the past show up in Week 13 Target Report

Another week, and another waiver wire player atop the Target Report. Not only that, but there's more than a couple of marginal wideouts who are worth giving a shot at your flex position for the playoffs, if you have a need. I know we say don't overthink things, because once the postseason begins, you go with the players you've been rolling with all season, but never stop tinkering. Let's go into the Wayback machine all the way to when Sully was a hero, Mark Buehrle was perfect, Tiger hit a fire hydrant and Reggie was still with Kim.

Target analysis

Welcome back to 2009, Devin Aromashodu! That was the last time he was fantasy relevant, and I have a soft spot in my heart for helping me to a fantasy title that year. Ah, memories. And here he is again. Will he be another fantasy stud? I think stud is too strong a word. Christian Ponder has chosen his favorite target and it's Percy Harvin, who is a must-play the rest of the way in your fantasy playoffs. Every year there's one player who puts up numbers like gangbusters in December from out of nowhere. It's usually a WR and I think Harvin is this year's top candidate. So I'll say this -- if you're desperate at your flex, pick him up. And I mean desperate as in everyone is injured or really unproductive. Aromashodu's been more involved in the offense in recent weeks, so he's intriguing.

Welcome Back, Kotter Part II: Hey, it's Pierre Garcon! Sure, most of his numbers were in garbage time, but it's quite possible Dan Orlovsky will establish chemistry with him the next few weeks. Let's look in review: Early on, Garcon was non-existent when Kerry Collins was throwing passes. He had a bit of a renaissance when Curtis Painter took over, then became invisible again until this week, when he put up 27 fantasy points. I think he's slightly more viable than Aromashodu because he has a better track record, so I could see starting him in your flex.

Time to get Santana Moss back in your starting lineup. He had a horrible matchup against the Jets on Sunday, but he looks like he's healthy again following his broken hand. Jabar Gaffney was a big donut in terms of production versus New York, so as long as it's Rex Grossman throwing passes (and don't forget, there won't be Fred Davis to throw to any more this season), Moss should be a starter for you once again.

Just off the list with ten targets each were Riley Cooper and Brad Smith. I think it's time to forget he's Riley Cooper and put him into your lineup. DeSean Jackson has become, in the words of Michael Fabiano, DeSit Jackson, and Cooper has been consistent both in targets and with corresponding production the last few weeks. If he catches that pass in the first half against Seattle where he twisted around and nearly held on, he's over 100 yards. I know Michael Vick is going to come back, but I can't see the Eagles taking Cooper out of his role with the offense no matter what the health situation is of the Eagles' weapons.

Brad Smith is a bit tougher. It's the second straight week he's had a nice game, and he has over 21 fantasy points the last two weeks. He received more looks than Steve Johnson did, and at the very least it looks as if he has settled into the No. 2 option for Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Bills are going to throw the football a ton the rest of the way, so he's worth an add. If he does it again, you can think about playing him.

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