Blandino: Beckham's actions warranted an ejection

It wasn't a surprise when we learned Odell Beckham had been suspended for his increasingly unhinged behavior during Sunday's loss to the Panthers.

What was surprising was that Beckham survived the game at all. With three personal fouls -- including a legitimately dangerous spear to the helmet of Josh Norman -- it was hard to believe Beckham wasn't benched by Giants coach Tom Coughlin or disqualified by game officials.

On Tuesday's edition of NFL Total Access, NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino concluded that Beckham did more than enough to earn an ejection.

And Blandino doesn't believe Beckham should have been alone.

"I think when you look at of the actions in their entirety it does warrant an ejection," Blandino told NFL Network's Dan Hellie. "Anytime a player is suspended for his actions, (it) would warrant an ejection. We don't take disqualification lightly. It is a short season and the action really has to raise above and beyond the normal course and this certainly did.

"It's certainly an accumulation of instances and not just on Beckham. There was some things on the other side, too, and I think both parties were involved. The officials, if you asked them, they would agree after looking at the tape that ejections were warranted."

Blandino said game officials had a "really tough job" trying to keep the game civil. Blandino spoke to the replay official on headset during the game and asked him to remind the referee that he could eject players.

Which, of course, the referee knows, which tells you everything about the thought process in the league office as things spun out of control at the Meadowlands.

"I think there was a couple of opportunities, for me in looking at the tape, there were two or three opportunities early in the game to throw a flag and set the tone," Blandino said. "You always want to set the tone early. Not make something up, but when something raising to the level of unnecessary roughness or unsportsmanlike conduct we can't miss those opportunities. Because that sets the tone for the entire game."

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