Bills will host Browns despite damage to stadium

The Bills are ready to host the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and, after the area sustained a massive amount of snow, are not overly concerned with the degree of repairs they need to make to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

At the moment, the team's vice president of operations and guest experience, Andy Major, said that there is a long to-do list, which includes significant tile damage, pipe bursts and cosmetic damage to some of the walls along the stadium.

However, from a structural perspective, the stadium is still sound and can host guests this weekend. The team can also use its practice facility despite some minor damage and doesn't plan on restricting any areas to fans at Ralph Wilson on Sunday.

"I can't stress enough the leadership that Coach Marrone showed through this whole process," president Russ Brandon told reporters on Thursday, no doubt buoyed by a 38-3 win in Detroit over the Jets.

This news was a little hard to believe, seeing as the stadium looked like an abandoned artifact just a week ago, coated under very dangerous amounts of snow.

It's great to see the Bills getting their home-field advantage back at a time when the team has shown more promise than ever. After a prime-time thumping of the Jets, Buffalo can come back to a fan base that is seeing real progress, one that is looking for a distraction as the rebuilding -- and healing -- process begins around the city.

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