Bills tweak Stefon Diggs' contract to pay him more in 2020

Stefon Diggs is getting more money than anticipated to start his Bills career.

Buffalo tweaked Diggs' contract Tuesday, NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported, moving money up a few years in his deal. The tweaks included increasing Diggs' 2020 compensation by $3.3 million (to what is now $14.8 million), reducing 2021 cash by $300,000, but also increasing the 2021 guarantee by $7.7 million to $11 million, and finally, reducing 2022-2023 cash from $25.55 million to $22.67 million.

In essence, the Bills decided to shift money up the timeline to pay Diggs now and lessen the financial burden later down the road, which is almost always a wise decision from a front office perspective.

The reshuffling of the money was agreed upon by the Bills and Diggs as part of the trade that sent him to the Bills from the Vikings in March, Garafolo added. It was not finalized until Diggs and the rest of the players returned and had nothing to do with Diggs mulling an opt-out, Garafolo added.

Diggs remains under the five-year, $72 million extension he signed in Minnesota in 2018. He'll be expected to serve as the No. 1 wideout Buffalo has desperately wanted for more than a decade as part of a team projected to contend for the AFC East crown.

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