Bills QB Jake Fromm apologizes for 'elite white people' comment

Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Jake Fromm issued an apology Thursday after screen grabs of text messages from March 2019 emerged Wednesday night on Twitter that showed Fromm using the phrase "elite white people" during a conversation on guns.

Fromm was asked if his stance had changed on guns, to which he replied "guns are good. They need to let me get suppressors. Just make them very expensive so only elite white people can get them."

Fromm issued the following apology in a statement on Twitter:

"I am extremely sorry that I chose to use the words 'elite white people' in a text message conversation," Fromm said. "Although I never meant to imply that I am an 'elite white person,' as stated later in the conversation, there's no excuse for that word choice and sentiment. While it was poor, my heart is not. Now, more than ever, is the time for support and togetherness and I stand against racism 100%. I promise to commit myself to being a part of the solution in this country. I addressed my teammates and coaches in a team meeting today and I hope they see this incident is not representative of the person I am. Again, I'm truly sorry for my words and actions and humbly ask for forgiveness."

The Bills released the following statement soon after: ‪

"Earlier today, we became aware of comments made in a text message conversation involving Jake Fromm in 2019. He was wrong and he admitted it to us. We don't condone what he said. Jake was honest and forthcoming to us about the text exchange. He asked for an opportunity to address and apologize to his teammates and coaches today in a team meeting, which he did. We will continue to work with Jake on the responsibilities of being a Buffalo Bill on and off the field."

Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier addressed Fromm's apology during a scheduled video conference with reporters Thursday.

"I think we have a mature enough team that our leaders are going to reach out to him and work with him," Frazier said, per

"Jake seemed very sincere in his apology. We have a very strong culture on our team. Those guys are going to be able to sift through what is real and what isn't real."

Fromm's offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, addressed the QB's comments Friday on a scheduled videoconference call with reporters, saying, "He knows he has a lot of work to do to earn the trust of his teammates back. ... I know he'll work hard to do that."

The Bills drafted Fromm in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft earlier this year after he was a three-year starter at the University of Georgia.

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