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Bills players say Gronk's success is product of Brady

Rob Gronkowski caught the 69th touchdown pass of his career, setting a New England Patriots record for a tight end. Then he took a bow.

"The bow, just bowing," Gronkowski said after the win over the Buffalo Bills. "You know, just bowing and it was awesome."

From where we sit, Gronk is the biggest matchup nightmare in the NFL. He's too big for defensive backs, too fast for linebackers. He possesses the hands of a wide receiver and physicality of lineman. And he does it all with the gusto of a frat boy in a keg race.

Don't tell that to Bills players, who were not so impressed with Gronkowski's accomplishments.

"He uses his body well, but he's got Tom Brady," Bills safety Corey Graham said, via the Boston Globe. "I mean, Tom Brady's Tom Brady."

Yes, Gronk's numbers have improved since Brady's return this season:

Without Brady: 2 games, 0.5 receptions per game, 5.5 receiving YPG, 0 TDs
With Brady: 4 games, 5.3 rec per game, 118.3 YPG, 3 TDs

Those stats also don't account for Gronk dealing with an injury to open the season.

"I'm more impressed with [Martellus] Bennett than Gronk," Bills linebacker Zach Brown added. "When Tom Brady wasn't here, you didn't hear [Gronkowski]. But when Tom Brady comes back he knows where to place it, how to place it, and he uses Gronk's size to his advantage.

"As far as blocking, no, I do not think he's one of the best. Bennett is probably a better blocker."

Perhaps Bills defenders are a tad salty that Gronk went off for five receptions, 109 yards and the TD Sunday. In 11 career games versus the Bills, Gronkowski has five 100-yard games and 11 receiving touchdowns.

Yes, Gronk has Brady. And Jerry Rice had Joe Montana. Michael Irvin had Troy Aikman. Marvin Harrison had Peyton Manning. And so on, and so on.

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