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Bills OC jokes Buffalo needs to play with two footballs

Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Greg Roman has a unique solution when it comes to keeping all his star players happy.

"Just get two balls," he joked on Monday, via The Buffalo News. "Change the rules."

Though he brushed aside the question, there's a good chance Roman knows the downside of a massive talent influx into his offense. Between Sammy Watkins, Percy Harvin, LeSean McCoy and Fred Jackson, everyone is going to want their touches.

His actual solution? Believe in the power of winning.

"I mean, these guys want to win," he said. "That's our prime directive. The stat that we care about is winning. And everybody understands that in a team sport, sometimes you're doing the dirty work, sometimes you're getting the glory. But if it all ends up in helping the team win, then everybody benefits and it's pretty obvious. However, I think you've got to have guys that are character guys and I believe that we have those guys."

Touches were an issue for Harvin on winning teams in the past (Seattle), though that could have been a circumstantial problem. McCoy has never been on a team in which he wasn't the focal point, though it's hard to believe the Bills would shell out that kind of money if he wasn't going to carry the ball 300 times.

In the end, this will be a social experiment not unfamiliar to Roman. Michael Crabtree had some complaints with his production in San Francisco. Roman is aware that keeping everyone happy is difficult.

But on a new team, where he really would need two footballs, the challenge grows even greater.

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