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Bills' Johnson mocks being shot in TD celebration vs. Jets

Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson might have delivered the most original -- and scathing -- touchdown celebration of the season Sunday.

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After hauling in a 5-yard touchdown pass during the second quarter against the Jets, Johnson got to his feet, danced for several moments, then grabbed at his thigh, in an apparent nod to Plaxico Burress, who accidentally shot himself at a New York nightclub in 2008. But Johnson was just warming up. He than mocked the "flying Jet" celebration before collapsing to the turf, returning to his original Burress theme.

Johnson was flagged for excessive celebration, a penalty made more costly when Bills kicker Dave Rayner botched the kickoff to give the Jets possession of the ball at Buffalo's 36.

Burress quickly hauled in a 14-yard TD pass of his own. The veteran receiver -- likely unaware of Johnson antics -- performed his customary celebration, consisting of bows to the crowd in three different directions.

The Jetswon the game, 28-24, after Johnson wasn't able to hold on to two Ryan Fitzpatrick passes that could have been game-winning scores on the Bills' final drive.

Johnson was contrite about his actions -- and penalty -- after the game.

"It was very stupid by me," Johnson told NFL Network's Albert Breer. "I feel like it cost us the game."

Johnson was asked if he planned to apologize to Burress.

"It was a mistake for my team, that's it," Johnson said.

You can be sure that Burress was asked what he thought of Johnson's touchdown dance after the game. Considering Burress spent nearly two years in prison on a gun charge stemming from the incident, we doubt he was thrilled.

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