Bills fans feeling highest of highs; Vikings fans lowest of lows

Every Sunday night, Around The League takes a closer look at four of the day's most interesting games. We call it The Filthy Four ... mostly for alliteration purposes.

On NFL Replay
NFL Replay will re-air the Buffalo Bills' 34-31 win over the New England  Patriots on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. ET.

You got the Reich stuff

No, it wasn't Frank Reich against the Oilers in 1993, but Buffalo's wild comeback win over the Patriots reaffirmed a notion once thought to be absurd: Football is relevant again in upstate New York! Down 21-0 and with no answer for Tom Brady, the Bills clawed all the way back while forcing the UGG boots spokesman into four interceptions. The Bills lead their division, and the denizens of Buffalo are celebrating -- which we imagine involves a keg, several layers of clothing and a large bucket of hot wings.

"Hey, man, need someone to talk to?"

If you have any friends who are Vikings fans, we sure hope you made a phone call Sunday afternoon to check in on them. Blowing double-digit halftime leads are always tough to swallow, but to do it three weeks in a row? There's a special kind of hell for that kind of three-peat. At this point, we think the Vikings should just try to lose all their games this way -- it'd be fun trying to predict when Leslie Frazier's head actually explodes.

Who knew Eagles could point fingers?

We're not sure what we'd say to Michael Vick, who got pummeled by the Giants at home, then suggested a far-reaching zebra conspiracy explained his broken hand and concussed brain. Actually, we know exactly what we'd say to Michael Vick: "Bro. Pull it together. Don't blame the refs because your O-line is made up of Jason Peters and four animatronic figures from Disney's Hall of Presidents. We understand your frustration, but man up. Even a 'Dream Team' needs leaders."

Foot in mouth

We all know Rex Ryan likes the sound of his own voice, but maybe the Jets' coach should lean on some thoughtful introspection after his defense surrendered 234 yards on the ground in an ugly loss to the Raiders. Ryan treats his D like a favored son, but the unit has looked exceedingly ordinary in two of three games this season. The world can't be all butterflies and Luke McCowns, and it's high time the Jets start backing up their coach's brash talk.

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