Bills fan debauchery captured by Halloween costume

For 50 years, Bills fans went to home games, cheered for their team and went home. At least, that's how the rest of the country saw it.

Bills fans were passionate and loyal -- as evident from the loud, sellout crowds year after year -- but the reputation of the people trekking to The Stadium Formerly Known As Ralph pretty much ended there.

That's all changed in the last few years as a series of increasingly insane tailgate videos have populated the internet. The videos, many of which initially surfaced on Deadspin, show Bills fans -- now rechristened as Bills Mafia -- positioned not as humble Western New Yorkers, but decadent party animals capable of unthinkable acts of excess.

Grilling burgers, playing music and having a catch was out. Flowing booze, free love and power-bomb body slams through folding tables was in. On Sunday, the debauchery outside the stadium finally made its way onto the field of play.

"Only in Buffalo,"Tom Brady told WEEI on Monday.

Congrats, Bills fans. The product on the field may be mediocre, but you've created a dynasty in the parking lot. Happy Halloween.

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