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Bill O'Brien: Texans could use J.J. Watt more as TE

What if I told you J.J. Watt had more touchdown catches than tackles against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday? Is that something you'd believe?

The dominant defensive lineman caught a touchdown pass after lining up as a tight end on second-and-1 from the 1-yard line on the Houston Texans' first drive of the game.

Watt didn't record another mark on the stat sheet until a fourth-quarter quarterback pressure. (Let's take a moment here to give props to the Raiders' offensive line for shutting out Watt).

The games where Watt puts up zeroes in the tackles and sack columns will remain few and far between. However, we might get an uptick in those snaps on offense.

Texans coach Bill O'Brien told reporters he expects to use Watt "more and more" as a red zone tight end moving forward.

"We had some injuries at tight end a couple weeks ago and you've got a guy that is sitting over there that is 6-foot-7, 295 pounds; he can jump," O'Brien said. "He was a tight end early in his career in high school and in college, so he's got an idea on how to catch the ball and he can block. We can use him in different packages at tight end, which is good." 

Oh what fun that should be.

Even if on most snaps the Texans use Watt as a decoy, the lineman should get some good tips from Houston linebackers coach Mike Vrabel, who had 10 touchdown catches on 12 targets during his NFL career.

Watt's time on offense will show the athletic giant can do anything on a football field. (Let him run the bootleg-option once, Bill!)

Before you ask: No, don't add him to your non-IDP fantasy team.

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