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Bill Cowher discusses merits of Heads Up Football in Brooklyn

Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher spoke at Brooklyn's Youth Military Football League practice Saturday about proper tackling skills as part of the Heads Up Football program in New York's Sternberg Park.

"They're taking steps right now to make the game safer," he told WCBS-TV. "They're taking steps to try to help players who have played in the past."

Cowher, who is a Heads Up Football advisory committee member, discussed the techniques involved in the USA Football safety program, including how to tackle without using your head. The program also certifies coaches in a number of areas.

"Teaching them what to look for from a concussion standpoint, how to fit the helmets and shoulder pads on the players," he said.

One child took Cowher's message to heart.

"I really want to play football and if I get hurt then I can't play," Majest Hall told WCBS.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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