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Bill Cowher addresses Carlynton High football team

Even coaches were players once.

More than 40 years ago Bill Cowher attended Carlynton High School in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. The former Steelers head coach still remains close to his roots and recently attended his 40th high school reunion. During this visit he had surprise talk with Carlynton's football team. Cowher addressed students on what high school football meant to him, the life lessons he learned, what it meant to play in a Super Bowl and how proud he is to be a Carlynton alumni.

"This school is very special," Cowher said. "The one thing that you can't ever take away are the relationships, the experiences that you have, particularly at the high school level."

To cap off the visit, Cowher presented a Wilson Golden Football to Carlynton High School head coach Scott Yoder.

"The Golden Football to me is about the grassroots, where your roots are, where you started," Cowher said.

Cowher's visit is the latest in the High School Football Honor Roll program, honoring those who have coached and played in the Super Bowl.

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