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Bill Belichick compares J.J. Watt to Lawrence Taylor

J.J. Watt is the most dominant defensive player of this generation. The runner up isn't even that close.

If you want to get a close comparison for the Houston Texans' annihilator you have to go back several decades to the likes of Reggie White or Lawrence Taylor.

Ahead of Sunday's tussle with the Texans, Patriots coach Bill Belichick made the Taylor comparison -- a player he coached for 10 years with the New York Giants.

"Watt's a major force, there are very few players I would put in same conversation with Lawrence Taylor, I would put J.J. in there," Belichick, told to Houston media Wednesday, via the Houston Chronicle. "He's a dynamic player. He can ruin a game. He's a special player. He was the defensive MVP last year. He's already earned that award this year even if he didn't play the last four games. This might be a good game for him to rest."

A major part of the comparison to Taylor is the motor both possess. Watt is a chugging freight train who never stops coming, similar to L.T. in his prime.

Sunday a beleaguered, banged-up Patriots offensive line will attempt to hold back the reigning defensive MVP -- a week after Tom Brady was sacked four times and hit on 13 occasions in a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels admitted Tuesday the Pats don't want one single blocker to try and take on Watt.

"That responsibility probably won't just fall on one person, so we're going to have to do a good job preparing for him," McDaniels said via, CSN New England. "He's as disruptive of a player as we've faced all season, and we're going to have to try to limit the number of opportunities that he has to create those types of plays because when he does, they usually change the outcome of the drive, the play or potentially the game."

Those game-changing plays are the reason even Belichick is willing to joke about trying to get Watt to skip Sunday's game.

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