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Bigger meltdown: New York Giants or Baltimore Ravens?

The Giants just got smoked in Atlanta and are on the outside looking in at the playoffs. Ravens are in the playoffs but have lost three straight. Who's melting down more?

It only looks like the team that's lost its last three. The Ravens have lost their leaders and best players. The Giants, meanwhile, are supposed to be the defending Super Bowl champs.

NY is the defending champ disguised as a mediocre team. The Ravens are hurt but they have to figure things out. Rep only goes so far. They're one and done in the playoffs if they don't wake up.

By reputation, the Giants are known for two things: defense and coming on strong late in the season. They've shown neither this December.

The Ravens are hurting on both sides. Joe Flacco keeps costing himself money by playing so inconsistent. The defense is just too beat up -- maybe beyond repair for now.

They Giants are allowing 26 points per game this month. Let me put that into yards for you: 417 a game, 159 on the ground.

The Ravens are giving up nearly 30 points per game during the losing streak. Eli and the Giants have a chance to make some plays this week.

Two sacks this month. Osi Umenyiora got to Drew Brees and Chris Canty got to Matty Ice, in what was already a lost cause. Justin Tuck? AWOL. Anytime you want to show up, fellas. Goodnight.

Yeah man, I saw that D-line on a milk carton. Still, with what's at stake, I'd expect both teams to show up, I just don't know if Baltimore has the manpower.

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