Bigger Houdini act: Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Dallas Cowboys?

The Falcons, Cowboys, Buccaneers, Texans and Packers had to pull some Houdini-style magic to get wins Sunday. Which team pulled the biggest escape?

America's Team. Not only would a loss have effectively ended Dallas' playoff hopes, the Cowboys would've immediately overtaken division rival Philadelphia for the league lead in ignominy.

Ha. Nice, but I've got to say Tampa Bay. The Bucs' recent surge would have rung hollow -- as would their playoff push -- had they not pulled off that incredible rally to win in OT against the Panthers.

Tampa Bay demonstrated escapability, no doubt. Consider the scenario: The Cowboys were at home. They finally get a career day out of Dez Bryant and still tried to give it away.

The Bucs could have mentally taken a step back. Now Josh Freeman has that signature win, with signature drives that every QB needs to get over the hump.

Tampa Bay is a young team that just won a thriller. The Cowboys fancy themselves perennial contenders. One thing this game should never have had: Suspense.

Agreed, but Dallas is the model of inconsistency. The Bucs rallied to make a statement. Nobody wants to play the Bucs. What statement did Dallas make?

Explain how the Cowboys are down 13-0 to Cleveland in the third quarter. Some losses you can't live down. For Jerry Jones, Tony Romo, and especially Jason Garrett, this was it. Goodnight.

They were down 13-0 because that's what the Cowboys do, but they also did enough to escape. The Bucs did enough to warn! PEACE OUT!

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