Beware of starting Russell Wilson in Week 1

The preseason is done. The regular season is here. That means all of your roster decisions now come with significantly more gravitas. Every choice you make from here on out comes with a lot more consequences. That means it's important that you make the right call. In that case, it's good that you're here for Make the Right Call. What a coincidence, eh?

Should I start in Week 1: Carson Palmer or Russell Wilson?

Over the course of the regular season, I like Russell Wilson to be the third-highest scorer among fantasy quarterbacks. But that doesn't mean the Seattle signal-caller is a must-start every week. The Seahawks offense didn't look particularly efficient this preseason and there are still plenty of questions about who will catch the football besides Jimmy Graham. Top it off with a less-than-favorable matchup against a Rams defense known for harassing quarterbacks. Meanwhile Carson Palmer came into this season as a sleeper option who was available later in drafts. He and the Cardinals get to open the season against a Saints defense that didn't offer much resistance to opposing passing games last season. You might not confuse Arizona's pass-catching corps with that of the Indianapolis Colts, but there are plenty of weapons at Palmer's disposal in the desert. This is one instance where I might consider the veteran over the younger player.

Better waiver wire pickup: Shane Vereen or Darren Sproles?

The situations are fairly similar here. Both Shane Vereen and Darren Sproles are veteran pass-catching backs playing in crowded NFC East backfields. The difference is that Sproles plays in an offense that is much more fantasy friendly. Eli Manning has definitely found an increased comfort level in Ben McAdoo's offensive scheme, but the Eagles uptempo attack has the potential to average 30-plus points per game. Chip Kelly also hasn't been shy about saying that he will use all three of his top running backs pretty liberally during the season. If Tom Coughlin could give us the same type of clarity about his running backs, I might feel a little better about Vereen.

Who's the better Week 1 start: Mark Ingram or Doug Martin?

This is a tough call since I'm really big on both of these running backs this season. But for the first week of the season, I'd give the edge to Doug Martin because of the matchup. In 2014, the Titans were the 31st-ranked defense against the run. Things could get better this season, but it's hard to imagine a dramatic improvement from last year. Plus with Mike Evans looking questionable for Sunday, the Bucs might lean on the run game a little more. The Cardinals weren't exactly world beaters at stopping the run, but they were a heck of a lot better than the Titans. The upside for Mark Ingram this week is that C.J. Spiller won't play, which could mean extra snaps for the Alabama product. Still, things are looking too good for Martin to pass up that opportunity.

Who should I flex in Week 1: Andre Johnson or Amari Cooper?

Andre Johnson joining the Colts in the offseason, gave Indianapolis a fearsome group of pass-catchers for Andrew Luck. But it's fair to wonder if there are too many mouths to feed in that offense. Johnson has never been known as a big touchdown-scorer and now he'll have plenty of competition for catching the rock. As for Week 1, Johnson not only has to battle his teammates for targets, but he'll have to battle a Bills defense that shapes up to be one of the best in the NFL. You've probably heard the hype train speeding down the tracks for Amari Cooper. The Raiders rookie sparkled during the preseason and is positioned to be one of the top first-year players in the NFL and fantasy football. Cooper should be targeted early and often by Derek Carr and has a slightly more favorable matchup against Cincinnati. Time to start that fantasy youth movement.

Should I trade Dez Bryant for Odell Beckham?

From a production standpoint, it makes no sense to make this deal. Both players are likely to finish the season in the top 10 among wideouts, so trading one for the other doesn't provide any major advantage for one side or the other. The only reason you'd consider making the deal is strictly for your personal enjoyment. If you're a Giants fan, you'll probably have more fun cheering for OBJ on your fantasy squad. Similarly, if you enjoy the football stylings of the Dallas Cowboys, Dez Bryant is probably a nice addition to your fantasy roster. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using your fandom to help build your fantasy squad. After all, this is supposed to be fun. If having "your guys" on your team helps boost your pleasure principle, go for it.

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