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Best in the AFC: Texans, Patriots or Broncos?

The Houston Texans has the league's best record. The Denver Broncos have won seven consecutive games. But are the surging New England Patriots the best team in the AFC?

They have the best quarterback. But the best team? I am not prepared to say that. Nor am I willing to abandon my squad, the Texans, who are still the AFC's number one seed.

The Pats and Texans play this week and I am looking forward to this. New England is the most dangerous team in the conference right now. They are dealing in every aspect of the game.

Everyone's in love with the Patriots' late-season record these last few years. It's great, I grant you that, as long as they don't play the Giants. Be that as it may, whom have they beaten lately?

Why are you knocking the opponents? New England running back Stevan Ridley has over 1,000 rushing yards. Tom Brady is killing it - and they're doing it minus Gronk.

Denver has been more impressive than New England. They came from 24-down to beat Philip Rivers and the Super Chargers. They beat New Orleans, and on Sunday, Tampa Bay.

Wait. Weren't you just riding Houston?

Denver has a defense, too.

So does Houston. Guess what, the Pats' defense isn't as suspect as it was -- and it's recorded 33 takeaways. And when you have a team averaging an NFL-best 36 ppg, you're in a good place.

Don't get me wrong, though. I like the Pats. They're still my third seed. Goodnight.

They may be seeded No. 3 in your playoff picture, but they're No. 1 in your heart.

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