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Bess, Bush join list of Dolphins critical of team's preparation

Miami wide receiver Davone Bess became the latest Dolphins player to question the 0-3 team's preparation, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Appearing on WQAM-AM Tuesday, Bess was asked about the team's struggles in the red zone, which were exposed in Sunday's 17-16 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

"For the most part, just communication," Bess said. "Whether it's the receivers -- on my behalf, not getting a certain signal, messing up a play that could have potentially been a touchdown, or whether it's the quarterback not giving the signal out and the line not understanding what the protection is. And these are errors that we are causing on ourselves. It's not even the defense. It starts with us.

"A lot of that stems from discipline, a lot of it stems from not putting probably as much time as we should in the meeting rooms ..."

On Monday, Dolphins receiver Brian Hartline offered a similar explanation to WQAM: "... I would say that the biggest thing is probably communication. We did have some situations where Chad [Henne] gave us some different signals, we didn't get them or we're hearing different things."

Henne responded Tuesday, telling the station: "We had great time of possession, we moved the ball great, but just didn't execute enough in the red zone. I think there were some plays out there that we missed. Some communication problems. Just not everybody doing their job."

Running back Reggie Bush criticized the team's practice habits as well on Monday.

"The same things that happen during the games are the same things that are happening in practice," Bush said, according to FoxSports. "It carries over. We have to practice better, and I think once we begin to do that you'll start to see a better team.

"Don't walk off the field until you get it right."

Cornerback Nolan Carroll agreed with Bush.

"Sometimes we let things happen in practice, or we say, 'Oh, we'll correct it in the game,' kind of waiting until Sunday as opposed to Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, correcting it then and there," Carroll said. "I thought (Bush) hit it right on the head."

It's been a recurring theme in Miami this season. After the Dolphins' loss to Houston in Week 2, linebacker Jason Taylor, safety Yeremiah Bell and rookie running back Daniel Thomasall said the team's struggles stemmed in part from poor habits in practice.

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