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Bernie Kosar rips Browns, says Manziel destined to fail

The Browns, much like the Jets, have a comical history of quarterback development, especially over the past 20 years.

Knowing this, and sensing an opportunity to stoke an already unruly fan base, former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar unloaded on the organization Monday and suggested that Johnny Manziel is just another in a line of good quarterbacks who will fail in Cleveland.

"We're limited with our weapons offensively and it is somewhat of a tough spot for Johnny given this team and given this organization," he said on WTAM-AM, via The Plain Dealer. "It's just a complete recipe for a disaster."

Kosar went on to torch Browns management, from coach Mike Pettine all the way to ownership.

"When you have a front office that's really uneducated, and I'm not talking about just the coach, there's way above him that deserves this, they don't know how to lead and organize and set a culture to play winning football, to win in the NFL consistently," he said.

Also much like the Jets, the Browns seem to have a problem with a former face of the franchise ripping the team and getting attention for doing so. Kosar, like Joe Namath, has found a formula for success, or at least an outlet for his personal frustrations surrounding the franchise.

Truthfully, this is one of the best teams Cleveland has had in years. Their core positions, like offensive line and cornerback, are among the strongest -- and youngest -- in football. They have a skill position player in Josh Gordon who would have made life awfully different for Tim Couch, Derek Anderson, Colt McCoy or Charlie Frye.

In 2014, they competed in arguably the toughest division in football through December.

While the Manziel experiment might fail, and could be ripped from a different perspective as far as timing, it seems unfair for Kosar to crush a team that is on the rise. They've given Browns fans a better year than they expected.

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