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Bennett: Pack didn't want to tackle Marshawn Lynch

SEATTLE -- Marshawn Lynch was vintage Beast Mode on Thursday night against the Packers, rushing for 110 yards and two touchdowns on 20 carries.

Lynch's teammate, Michael Bennett, had a sideline view of the great running back's performance. Bennett got the sense that Packers defenders were reluctant to try putting the Seahawks star to the ground.

"Obviously we were the more physical team today offensively and defensively," Bennett told reporters after Seattle's 36-16 win. "I saw supposedly some of the best players in the league not want to tackle Marshawn Lynch.

"Of course, nobody's going to say nothing about that, but I saw a lot of guys whiff on tackles that should have been 2-yard gains, and they're supposed to be the best. We had to prove that we're the best defense."

There was no doubt that Lynch came to play. On his second scoring run, Lynch almost seemed upset when he didn't get to put his head down and knock somebody over on his way to the end zone. ESPN reported that Lynch gained 94 of his 110 yards between the tackles, his highest such total since the start of last season.

Beast Mode wanted contact. According to Bennett, the Packers wanted no part of it.

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