Bengals QB Palmer escapes injury on Rogers' horse-collar tackle

CINCINNATI -- Quarterback Carson Palmer was dazed after being corraled on a horse-collar tackle that gave the Bengals an extra play and a chance to kick a field goal at the end of the first half Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

Palmer was running for the sideline with the clock running out when Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers grabbed the quarterback from behind and yanked him down onto his back. Palmer hit the ground hard, rolled over and lay face-down for several seconds, then got up and slowly walked off the field.

The personal foul gave the Bengals an extra play, and Shayne Graham kicked a 53-yard field goal for a 13-0 lead.

A pass-interference penalty against the Browns last week gave the Detroit Lions an extra play and a chance for the winning touchdown at the end of regulation.

Palmer returned for the opening drive of the second half, mostly handing off the ball. The Bengals had a very conservative game plan against the Browns, running on 21 of the first 39 plays.

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