Bengals get their new face in head coach Zac Taylor

The Bengals needed a change, a fresh face.

Take a look at Zac Taylor, Cincinnati.

The Bengals introduced Taylor as the franchise's new head coach Tuesday. Flanked by owner Mike Brown and player personnel director Duke Tobin, the youthful Taylor sat behind a microphone and Bengals helmet while he fervently spewed football platitudes -- "we will establish a culture of high standards and clear communication," "shared vision" and being "part of something that's bigger than themselves" -- explaining his idea of what the future of Bengals football should look like. Brown made it clear it needed to look different than it had since 2003.

"He did a wonderful job while he was here but this was, in my opinion and perhaps in the opinion of others, time to give us a new direction," Brown said Tuesday when asked about the decision to part ways with longtime coach Marvin Lewis. "We had lost some of the faith in our fanbase, that was clear, and that sent a loud message."

The new direction begins with Taylor, who got a late start on filling out his staff thanks to being part of a Rams staff that ended up in the Super Bowl. He said Tuesday he doesn't view the time lost as a disadvantage.

"We need to make sure that the right people are here," Taylor said. "There's a lot of really good coaches out there. We're going to find the right people, we're urgent in assembling the right people but we're going to take our time to make sure that everyone's a perfect fit for this place."

Taylor also said he's looking for "great teachers, concise communicators, outside-the-box thinkers and people who are not afraid to deviate from the norm" as he fills out his staff.

The hiring of Taylor itself could be seen as deviating from the norm. After 16 seasons spent hitched to Lewis, the Bengals went in the opposite direction, tabbing a 35-year-old quarterbacks coach to lead their team. Or, it could be seen as the norm, seeing as anyone within earshot of Sean McVay has earned a head coaching interview during this offseason, and the offensive wunderkind seems to be the flavor of the cycle.

No matter which way one views it, Taylor emphasized Tuesday age is merely a number.

"I've been around some great coaches and learned a lot from every single stop I've had," Taylor, the former Nebraska quarterback, said. ... "I feel like I've learned a lot along the way and I'm ready to lead."

The biggest question remaining in Cincinnati surrounds the quarterback position. Does a new regime want a new guy under center, or is Andy Dalton good enough for Taylor's staff?

It sounds as though Taylor is ready to embrace Dalton -- literally:

"I have a high opinion of Andy Dalton," Taylor said. "Going back to 2010, I think I watched every single snap he played at TCU his senior year when I was at Texas A&M. It was an offense I really admired and he executed it flawlessly, to be quite honest with you. I've been familiar with him from Katy, Texas -- you know, I was in Texas for four years -- so I know all about his background.

"Probably never pictured that I would coach him, but very fortunate that he's the quarterback here and excited to work with him. I think he's a great fit for what we're going to do offensively."

Their work together officially begins Tuesday.

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