Ben McAdoo: I'll coach as long as 'my key card works'

With rumors swirling that his job is on the line, in the aftermath of the public relations nightmare that was the decision this week to bench Eli Manning, Ben McAdoo was unfazed following the New York Giants' 10th loss of the season.

"I'm going to coach this team as long as my key card works," the Giants skipper told reporters following Big Blue's 24-17 loss to the Oakland Raiders. "You know, we've got a great group of players, the coaches, we've got a great staff to work with. We're going to show up ready to go tomorrow and get this thing cleaned up and move on to the next one."

On rumblings that his firing is imminent, McAdoo continued, "A little birdie told me that something was out there, but again, that's not something I'm worried about. ... Maybe for weak-minded individuals, it may be a distraction, but I have a job to do."

McAdoo's comments come in the wake of a report from NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport that conversations among Big Blue brass surrounding McAdoo's handling of the Manning debacle have been "intense" and "serious" and that many in the front office and above did not agree with how Eli's benching was managed.

All things considered, Geno Smith was a fine replacement on Sunday, throwing for 212 yards and leading two touchdown drives. McAdoo said that Geno "competed at a high level" and that the veteran QB "didn't do anything today that would cost him an opportunity" to start next week. The Giants coach added that he expects to make a decision "early in the week" regarding who will be under center against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 14.

McAdoo's leash with the Giants might not be as long as Smith's, but the embattled coach did not sound worried about the criticism that he's been receiving all season long or how his relationship with Manning might be perceived.

"I'm not concerned," McAdoo explained. "I understand where the fans are coming from. If I was on the outside looking in, I'd feel the same way they feel.

"Eli and I have a tremendous relationship. I think the world of him. It was hard for me emotionally at the beginning of the week, but once you make the decision you have to stick with it, and I appreciate the way Eli handled things this week. He was a pro."

McAdoo has made an admirable attempt to save face this week. Whether he can save his job is another matter.

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