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Bears WR Knox intent on seeking starting job, not trade

Johnny Knox is ready to fight for his starting job. He's also not ready to leave Chicago.

After a report in Thursday's edition of the Chicago Tribune suggested that Knox could push for a trade after being demoted by the Bears, the wide receiver took to Twitter vowing his commitment to the team.

"If y'all think ima give up that easy y'all crazy!!!!!!," Knox tweeted, adding "Ima put all that small talk to rest."

The potential trade talk comes as Knox learned this week that he will begin the season behind newcomer Roy Williams on the depth chart. That makes Knox the Bears' No. 4 option, with Devin Hester the starting flanker and Earl Bennett playing in the slot.

Knox reiterated Thursday his feelings on any plans to seek a trade.

"I'm a Bear, and I want to stay a Bear for life," he said, according to the *Chicago Tribune*.

It's all quite a turn of events for Knox, who was Chicago's leading receiver last season, just his second in the NFL. He finished with 960 yards and five touchdowns.

Offensive coordinator Mike Martz elaborated to the Tribune why the decision to make Knox the No. 4 receiver was made.

"He just has to get better. He has to play better," Martz said. "That's all. It's just like when Johnny came in, Earl (Bennett) was the starter. We pushed Earl aside for Johnny because of the speed. We kind of gave that job to Johnny. That wasn't really earned. And once you get in this league, you should earn.

"(Knox) just was not ready, not because he can't do it or he's not talented. The preparation, the consistency that's required ... he does a lot of good things, but they have to be good all the time. That's what Roy is."

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