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Bears trying out Malik Jackson's identical twin brother

If you can't even enter the bidding war for a high-priced free agent defensive lineman like Malik Jackson, you could always invite his identical twin brother in for a workout.

That's what the Bears are trying, at least. Marquis, who, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, played his college ball at College of the Canyons, Texas Southern and Portland State, was once a member of the Minnesota Vikings back in 2013. In 2014, he played arena ball in Portland. The 26-year-old is listed at 6-4, 255 pounds.

"We had him in at Denver one time and he was in a suit sitting in our lunch room. Everybody was looking around going, 'Malik, what are you doing in a suit?'" Bears head coach John Fox said, via the Sun-Times. "So I've met him before. That's a big reason why we brought him in."

Sounds good to us.

This is the time of year when people work out Odell Beckham's ripped, blue-haired cousin so there is no reason not to turn this stone over as well. When Fox was asked if he could play at all like his brother, he said "That's why he is here. I guess we'll see." Fox obviously spent enough time with Malik in Denver to know that it was worth taking a chance.

While the answer is probably no, it's fascinating to watch how far a team will go to unearth an affordable talent from the rough. Coaches talk at length about the time and effort invested into every player, which unfortunately leads to snap decisions on potential talent. Marquis was released in August of 2013 by the Vikings after less than four months on the roster. Can he make this team and hang around a little longer?

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