Bears' Forte: I'm not coming back unless I'm 100 percent

If Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte is to play again this season, it won't be at anything less than 100 percent. Because that's the only way he's willing to come back.

Forte, who is recovering from a Grade 2 sprain of his medial collateral ligament suffered Dec. 4 against the Chiefs, isn't interested in risking further injury in order to return.

"These injuries, they usually take four to six weeks (to heal) they say," Forte told on Saturday. "And this will only be week three. I'm not going to rush to get back on the field and play while I'm hurt, because you're not at 100 percent, you may injure it even more if you do that."

Forte wants to play and is well aware of the Bears' struggles, as they've lost three in a row and are in a fight for a wild card spot at 7-6. But he also knows he's not close to feeling comfortable with returning.

There's also the fact that Forte doesn't have a contract beyond this season.

"A lot of people were speculating about Christmas Day (against the Packers) and things like that," Forte said. "But my mindset is, realistically, playoffs would be the only thing that I would really have my mind set on. ...

"You got to make that decision personally. My mindset is kind of set on that. I'm not going to really go out there and play unless I'm 100 percent, and I can run straight ahead and sprint and make cuts, because as a running back you have to make people miss. You can't just take on hits and get pounded on. You'll have more injuries to rehab."

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