Bears fallout: Jay Cutler hurt by Kromer's criticism

Last Sunday, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport detailed the pervasive dysfunction within the Chicago Bears organization, specifically relating to Jay Cutler's play.

That report led to some fallout after offensive coordinator Aaron Kromertearfully admitted to his players that he was the source to part of the report criticizing Cutler. (Several players then leaked information about the meeting to the Chicago Tribune.)

On this week's edition of NFL GameDay Morning, Rapoport dove into the fallout.

"I am told all options were on the table as far as Aaron Kromer's job status," Rapoport said. "Marc Trestman, the head coach, considered everything including firing him. In the end, he decided Aaron Kromer should stay employed by the Chicago Bears. One reason which is Kromer is a very valued assistant on that staff. In fact, I'm told by another Bears source, a different Bears source, that when they hired Trestman, hiring Kromer as offensive coordinator was considered as important as everything."

Rapoport added that Cutler was stung by Kromer's criticism, but -- as the quarterback said Friday -- knows he needs to play better or he could be shipped out of town.

"He was hurt," Rapoport said. "Talking to people close to Jay Cutler, he was definitely hurt by this. A little stung and certainly surprised that Aaron Kromer would do something like this.

"But listen to Jay Cutler's press conference. He seemed extremely professional, much more professional than we've seen him in the public light in some years, mainly because he knows, thanks in part to this report, and because of the way he played, the spotlight is on him like it has never been before, and he knows of all things, he needs to play better. The thing that could come out of this for Jay Cutler is he knows he might be done with the Bears this year. He knows so much rides in him. He is in control of his own destiny."

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