Beane: Tyrod Taylor on Bills 'until we decide different'

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Buffalo Bills brass made it clear Wednesday at the NFL Combine where they stand with Tyrod Taylor: He's on the roster right now. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane and coach Sean McDermott toed the line when speaking about their starting quarterback, never talking in firm, glowing language.

"Tyrod is on our roster right now and that's the plan," Beane said. "We're just taking it day by day, and like every position, we're trying to get better everywhere. So we're looking at every position, including quarterback. But Tyrod did a lot of good things for us. But I'm not really worried about the [roster] bonus. I see him on our roster right now. Unless something changes, he'll be here through that part."

Beane and McDermott basically confirmed NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport's report from last week that the Bills won't cut Taylor before his $6 million roster bonus comes due on the third day of the new league year, unless something better comes along.

"When you look at our quarterback position, Tyrod and Nate [Peterman], those are two good quarterbacks," McDermott said. "Tyrod now can add to his resume that he helped and was instrumental in getting us to the playoffs and breaking a 17-year drought. You've heard me say it before, his work ethic and intangibles are unmatched, and his leadership that goes along with the position. We're still going through that process. We're in a good position, with some options out there. So that will work itself out."

The Bills are comfortable paying Taylor's $6 million bonus as an insurance policy in case they can't trade up for their QB of choice in the draft or don't believe any free agent quarterbacks hitting the market would provide an improvement upon Taylor.

Whether it's via trade, signing a free agent upgrade, or the draft, the Bills will pursue every avenue to boost the most vital position in football while keeping Taylor in their back pocket.

"We're looking at everything. We really are," Beane said. "We're seeing what's out there. This year it's been well publicized there's more veteran quarterbacks that are out there. And we have to do our recon on those. If we see something that seems like it's a good fit for us and upgrades us, then we would look to do that. But, again, we're happy with where we're at with Tyrod and Nathan, until we decide different really."

That final "until we decide different" caveat hovered loudly over both Beane and McDermott's pressers on Wednesday. The Bills are hanging onto Taylor until something better comes along like a teenage girl searching for a new boyfriend. There's a decent chance nothing will, and Buffalo could head into the 2018 season with a QB the franchise is lukewarm about.

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