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Barry Church: Tony Romo 'looked like 2014 Romo'

Among the hurdles to a Tony Romo trade is the fact that the Dallas Cowboys' veteran quarterback has started just four games over the last two years.

How long has it been since the other 31 teams were afforded a long look at Romo? Peyton Manning was wrapping up a 39-touchdown season.

Change happens quickly in the NFL. In that two-year span, Romo has broken a bone in his back and twice fractured his collarbone, starting just four games.

Potential trade suitors will want to know if Romo can still move as well and throw with as much authority as he did during his 2014 MVP chase.

After watching the 36-year-old quarterback direct the first-team offense in late-season practices, Dallas safety Barry Church advised interested teams to "go get him."

"He looked great back there," Church said Monday on KRLD-FM, via The Dallas Morning News. "He was dropping some dimes, some serious dimes against the No. 1 defense. We went against him on 7-on-7 drills.

"He looked like 2014 Romo when he was out there slinging it. He looked good to me, like he had a lot left in him."

An impending free agent, Church also said Romo can help any team other than New England because he's a "heck of a competitor, the ultimate team leader."

While Church's first-hand account shines a flattering light on Romo, interested teams will, of course, take his comments with a grain of salt.

There's a chasm of difference between lighting up 7-on-7 practice drills for a few weeks and performing injury-free at a high level for a full 16-game season.

Considering his age and injury history, the 2017 version of Romo brings more questions than answers. Throw in salary requirements and the desire to play for a Super Bowl contender, and it's easy to see why he's just as likely to be released as traded.

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