Baltimore Ravens' Terrell Suggs relishes villain role

Some Hollywood actors are simply better at playing the villain than the hero.

On the football field, Terrell Suggs embraces that role with open arms.

"You're naturally the villain when you go into an opponent's stadium, anyway," Suggs said, via "You might as well not shy away from it. You might as well bask in it and enjoy it. I'm not supposed to be the opponent's favorite player. You're not supposed to like me. I don't play for you. I represent Ravens Nation. I just enjoy it."

Suggs has been embroiled as the antagonist in a discussion about quarterback hits after he struck Philadelphia Eagles signal-caller Sam Bradford low last weekend.

The Baltimore Ravens linebacker said he understands the uproar and pointed to the Ravens' general manager as complicit in protecting quarterbacks with such veracity.

"Those guys gets a lot of sponsors. A lot of those guys are good-looking guys," Suggs said. "We don't want to damage them too much. It's the most valuable position on the field. You got to protect them. If we have anybody to blame, it's our own [general manager] Ozzie Newsome. He's on the competition committee. He helps put the rules in."

Suggs added he's had discussions with Newsome about how quarterbacks are handled with kid gloves.

"Plenty," Suggs said. "He said, 'The quarterback keeps a lot of people employed. So we got to protect them.' I understand. I wouldn't want my guy getting mistreated."

Even the "villain" would protect the guys on his side, which goes to show that life is all a matter of perspective.

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