Baltimore Ravens Bryant McKinnie at camp to lose weight

Looking to get back into Pro-Bowl form, Baltimore Ravens tackle Bryant McKinnie is treating the team's voluntary offseason workout as if it was mandatory.

"I feel like I'm on Celebrity Fit Club," McKinnie told the Ravens' official website.

McKinnie's weight shot up to 400 pounds during the lockout last offseason, leading the Minnesota Vikings, the only team the 10-year veteran had known, to cut him.

Now McKinnie is playing at 365 pounds and trying to lose 15 more.

"That would be that perfect weight, because when you get too light people start pushing you around," McKinnie said. "That would take away my advantage."

The Ravens have shown faith in McKinnie, recently paying him a roster bonus of $500,000 after meeting with him in March.

"They just wanted to see what I looked like physically, make sure I didn't balloon up," McKinney. "It was important for them to see me here working and for me to take advantage of the time we have in the classroom."

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