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Bailey's future uncertain after Broncos change contract tact

The Broncos have ceased contract negotiations with Champ Bailey, *The Denver Post* reported Thursday, increasing the likelihood that the nine-time Pro Bowl cornerback is playing his final season with the team.

"I am disappointed because I want to be here," Bailey said. "We know that, they know that. What's the issue here, really?"

Bailey, 32, is in the final year of a seven-year contract. He said his agent, Jack Reale, and the Broncos were close to finalizing a four-year extension that Bailey didn't really like, but he said he was willing to accept it to stay in Denver.

Then the Broncos suddenly broke off talks Tuesday, according to Reale.

"We were scheduled for a discussion on the contract offer they had recently e-mailed me," Reale said. "Before we had a chance for discussion, I received a call saying they wanted to put it off and wait until the end of the season. That is certainly their option, and while not pleased, since no player likes playing in the last year of his contract, we respect their right to pursue that approach.

"Champ will do what he always does. Play hard, give 100 percent, keep quiet and lead this team."

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels declined to comment on Bailey's contract situation.

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