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'Bad Comedian Eli Manning' steps in for Rob Lowe

Back in April, the wretched creep of American litigation -- or at least the potential of it -- led to the premature demise of the popular and successful Sub Rob Lowe ad campaign by DirecTV.

Our televisions will never again be graced with our favorite slug Robs: Super Creepy, Crazy Hairy, Far Less Attractive, Painfully Awkward and Meathead -- each of them sent off to that great big advertising firm in the sky. Luckily, it appears the new football season will offer a worthy alternative in the form of a series of Sub Eli Mannings.

First up: Bad Comedian Eli Manning.

This is why Eli is great. No shadow is too tall for him to step out of, whether it be brother Peyton, rival Brady or the baddest sax player on the planet.

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