Avoid fatigue: A low-impact workout from NFL Up!

*A crucial factor to any intense workout is recovery. Many routines include a recovery period, some up to a week long that stick with exercises that are low impact. This late in the season, players tend to focus more on maintaining their current condition rather than building strength and possibly increasing wear and tear. NFL Up! has put together a workout of low impact exercises to maintain your strength level without too much stress on the body. *


Remember to stretch before and after your workout to prepare muscles and limit risk of injury. For more tips on stretching, check out these exercises and drills.

1. Foam Roller
Prep your muscles and help reduce soreness from the previous workout with this foam roller drill.
Reps: Start low and work your way up

2. Hip Mobility Drill
Hip mobility is a crucial part to any sport. Try this warm-up for a greater range of motion.
Reps: Repeat each step twice, once for each leg

3. Lunge Press
Now that you're warmed up, let's get the whole body involved with this lunge. Grab a four to 16-pound medicine ball to get started.
Reps: Five each leg, four sets

4. Kettlebell Swing
Loosen up the hip flexors and get the glutes working with this swing.* Reps: 10 to 12, three sets*

5. Challenger Band Side Step
Increase explosiveness and lateral movement with this band exercise.
Reps: 10 steps in both directions

6. Towel Slide Push-Ups
This is a great exercise you can do with any slick surface like hardwood or tile.
Reps: Five sets, Five reps

7. Half Kneeling Curl to Overhead Press
Shoulder strength is important to staying durable in the NFL. Don't forget to keep your core tight through this exercise.
Reps: Three sets, eight to 10 reps

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