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Attorney says Titans' Kenny Britt not a suspect in stabbing

Kenny Britt is not a suspect in a New Jersey stabbing involving a friend, the Tennessee Titans wide receiver's attorney said Wednesday.

After raising the ire of Jersey City police for not immediately making himself available to answer questions about transporting a friend to a local hospital for stab wounds, Britt and his attorney, Robert Lane, met with authorities late Tuesday.

"They told me there was no chance, zero chance (of Britt being arrested)," Lane told The Tennessean. "That's what they told me. It is an investigation, and Kenny is not a suspect in it."

Britt's attorney said the player had planned to be at a dinner party Saturday night when men who "had nothing to do with Kenny" began arguing. A friend of Britt's was stabbed during the altercation. Lane added, "But Kenny was not an eyewitness to the actual stabbing."

After driving the friend to the hospital, Britt was with the victim's family when a gunshot was fired near where the stabbing had occurred a few hours earlier, Lane said.

Britt now has had nine known incidents involving the police since he entered the NFL in 2009. He has made two separate visits to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss his off-the-field behavior.

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