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Athletes and celebrities inspired by Tebow's latest heroics

Three hours after Tim Tebow led the Broncos to 13 unanswered points in an overtime victory vs. the Chicago Bears, #Tebow was still the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter. The reach of Tebow's latest come-from-behind efforts cannot be contained to just the NFL. Tebow Time is global.

Here is a sample of what other NFL players, professional athletes and celebrities are saying about Tebow:

@rainnwilson (Rainn Wilson)
They should send Tim Tebow into Iran to get our drone back. With just a knife.

@JDurant52 (Justin Durant)
We are the only team to beat #Tebow...what does that make us???

@DwyaneWade (Dwyane Wade)
The Bears just got #Tebowed...smh

@adbrandt (Andrew Brandt)
David Stern will only approve the @CP3 trade if the Hornets get Tebow.

@KennyAlbert (Kenny Albert)
Goosebumps. One of the most incredible games I have ever been a part of in 18 years at @NFLONFOX #Tebow

@carmeloanthony (Carmelo Anthony)

@paulpierce34 (Paul Pierce)
Is Tebow the Jordan of football wow

@JustinVerlander (Justin Verlander)
Fan of Tebow or not... This is fun to watch!

@teixeiramark25 (Mark Teixeira)
#Tebow does it again, #Jets take wild card lead, and Falcons comeback late. Giants-Cowboys for first place tonight...gotta love the #NFL!

@ChrisHarrisNFL (Chris Harris)
Somewhere in America someone is pitching 2 Disney a Tim Tebow movie..."Tebow In The Backfield" with whispers of (if u play him,the will win)

@BernieKosarQB (Bernie Kosar)
U Have To Be Kidding!!!%I ABSOLUTELY LUV WHAT TEBOW IS DOING AND HAS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@billromanowski (Bill Romanowski)
The thing with Tebow is a lot of ppl are praying for his success. Prayers will do wonders. Plus Tebow is an improving quarterback.

@TeeMartin17 (Tee Martin)
Unbelievable!!!! #Broncos #Bears #Tebow

@BrodyJenner (Brody Jenner)
I am happy for Tebow making a ton of people look stupid for the things they said about him.. Success is the best revenge

On NFL Network
"NFL Replay" will re-air the Broncos' 13-10 OT win over the Bears on Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. ET.

@RickyRo24 (Ricky Romero)
Tim Tebow ur a #beast. Lots of #respect for u. WOW!!!

@brianching (Brian Ching)
Tim Tebow is a winner like it or not. Good for him.

@KembaWalker (Kemba Walker)
Man do I respect Tim Tebow. True Leader. Not a bad person to model yourself after.

@DickieV (Dick Vitale)
How is Sir Charles Barkley reacting to the news that @timtebow is a winner again? Get ready Charles 4 Tebow MANIA to roll on. #LEADER

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