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Asomugha-Revis combo would be lethal for Jets' opponents

Offensive coordinators around the NFL better hope Nnamdi Asomugha lands in either Houston or San Francisco, and not in New York with the Jets. The potential pairing with Darrelle Revis would make Rex Ryan's defense impenetrable and set the table for the Jets to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at season's end.

With Asomugha and Revis on the field, the Jets would have a pair of shutdown corners with the ability to snuff out receivers with their aggressive tactics. Asomugha, in particular, is masterful in press coverage because size and length disrupt receivers at the line of scrimmage. His jams restrict a wideout's ability to get into routes quickly. The lack of timing between a quarterback and his receivers leads to dysfunction in the passing game.

Revis is not the athletic freak of his counterpart, but he's a tactician capable of shining in press or shadow coverage. He uses a myriad of techniques that make it difficult for receivers to create separation. In addition, Revis is instinctive and has a knack for getting his hands on the ball. His ability to create turnovers (14 career picks) is a skill accentuated by the Jets' aggressive scheme, which places a premium on harassing quarterbacks and receivers.

From a schematic standpoint on early downs, the Jets will put nine defenders in the box with Asomugha and Revis engaged in press coverage. Opponents would find it challenging to throw against the Jets, while also having difficulty moving the ball on the ground due to the numbers advantage at the point of attack. Throw in an occasional blitz to diversify the attack, and the Jets' base defense becomes a challenge to beat.

In passing situations, the Jets will be able to match their top defenders on the opposing team's most explosive weapons. With both Asomugha and Revis possessing the ability to hold up against No. 1 receivers, the matchups could be determined by the physical traits of the opposing pass catchers. For instance, the Jets could match Revis on the Patriots' Wes Welker (based on his diminutive size and quickness) with Asomugha locking on the top remaining threat. This would force Tom Brady to move the ball by relying on his third and fourth options.

In other matchups with elite receivers, the Jets could pit Asomugha on a big, physical receiver like Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson with Revis taking on the complementary pass catcher.

Ryan has boldly proclaimed the Jets' defense as the league's best, but pairing Asomugha with Revis would certainly help the unit back up the brash talk in 2011 and beyond.

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