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Asomugha a Jet? Fellow CB Revis would highly approve of that

The New York Jets already have one shutdown cornerback. Darrelle Revis says they should try to make it two.

Nnamdi Asomugha is considered the top player available among this year's free agents, and Rex Ryan surely would love to add another dominant player to his secondary. The Jets, who reached an agreement with wide receiver Santonio Holmes early Wednesday, also are in serious negotiations with Asomugha.

That would be fine with Revis, the *New York Daily News* first reported via Twitter on Wednesday.

"He's the best cornerback in the league," said Revis, who often has been labeled as such by others around the league. "Me and him as a tandem would be unbelievable. It would be awesome.

"I would love to have him as a teammate."

Talk about a ringing endorsement. And talk about a nightmare for opposing offenses. Revis and Asomugha are considered by many to be the top cornerbacks in the league, and teams would have a difficult time challenging a secondary with those two roaming around.

Revis said if Asomugha signs with the Jets, "our pass defense is going to be sky high."

But New York isn't the only team hot after Asomugha, who will command a huge contract as he did while with the Oakland Raiders. If they can't land Asomugha, the Jets could turn their attention back to Antonio Cromartie, one of their own free agents who had a solid season in 2010 after being acquired from the San Diego Chargers.

"We all know this is a business," said Revis, who missed training camp last summer while embroiled in a bitter contract holdout before signing.

A few things working in the Jets' favor, though, are the facts that Revis and Asomugha are friends who have openly talked about how fun it would be to play together, and that Asomugha reportedly would like to get into acting after his playing career. New York could be attractive to him for that reason, too.

"Everybody would love to see him as a member of their team," Revis said. "I would want to see it. Hopefully, it happens."

Revis wouldn't bite when asked which of the two -- Asomugha or Cromartie -- he would prefer to play with if given the choice. He said he recently spoke to Asomugha but not to "recruit" him.

"We've always spoke as friends, but we even spoke about it at the Pro Bowl, about playing on the same team," Revis said. "Nnamdi, he knows where he wants to play and what's the best fit for him and what he wants to do with his career."

Revis also said he would accept wide receiver Randy Moss if the team went out and signed him. The two have made comments about each other in the past, especially while Moss was on the New England Patriots, and Revis called him "a slouch" for his lack of effort at times.

"Randy, you respect a guy like him," Revis said. "Words are words. We know sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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