Ask Vic: Are Patriots good for league?

My recent column listing five reasons why the New England Patriots' dominance is a good thing for the NFL elicited a great deal of reader response.

Some might think the Patriots' dominance is a bad thing. Vic Carucci has five reasons why the Pats' otherworldly performance is a very good thing for the league. More ...

Here is a sampling of what you had to say:

"I liked your column on the Patriots' dominance being a good thing, and I agree. I have been watching the Pats since 1960. I have been through the pain of a 2-12 season a number of times. I have been through the uncertainty of not knowing whether they would move to Memphis, Birmingham and what have you because they had no home. I watched them play at Harvard Stadium, Fenway Park, and the old, terrible Schaefer Stadium (with the cold, metal bench seats). Yes, we have had it a lot better lately, but we have paid our dues to get this good. Enjoy the history unfolding before your eyes. You may never see anything this special again." -- Russ D.

"You are off your rocker. Never have I been so disinterested in a football season as this year. I watched zero minutes of the Patriots game Sunday night. Parity drives interest. The only people happy watching Tom Brady are the Pats fans and those people who drafted him in their fantasy league. I stopped rooting for the Patriots after they won their first Super Bowl, and now I'm supposed to like them even more after winning two more and likely three? BORING! I like watching new teams in the Super Bowl every year. It's OK, we get it, the Patriots are good. But your article on the Patriots was the first one I read on them all year. That's only because the headline was the most absurd thing I had read all season. You might love the Patriots, Vic, but it's not good for the NFL. Downright awful for the ratings." -- Matt.

Enjoyed your article on the five reasons why the Patriots' dominance is good for the NFL. If I might offer a sixth: In this era of the salary cap and parity, the team that Patriots owner Robert Kraft has put together with Scott Pioli and Bill Belichick is a great testament to the fact that money does not need to be spent in great quantities to put together a great team. It needs to be spent wisely, with plenty of cold and clear analysis of every prospective player's talents and abilities. If the Patriots can do this, so can ANY other team. And, speaking as a lifelong Patriots fan, I can tell you that this didn't just happen overnight. Kraft and his staff have been building this dynasty, piece by piece, with some mistakes and miscues along the way for years. This Patriots so-called dynasty and dominance of the league IS good for the NFL, because it proves that it can be done within the guidelines set by the NFL and it's collective owners. -- Bruce T., Olympia, Wash.

How can you say the Pats' dominance is a good thing? They were caught CHEATING at the beginning of the year. Regardless of how you and your accomplices want to try and sweep it under the rug, the Pats will never be considered a great team. Doing what they did is no better than a player getting juiced up on steroids. They are a black eye to the sport and will forever be. They can cheat, use it to go undefeated, use it to win Super Bowls and they lose what, a draft pick? They are probably going to have a top-five pick from the 49ers' anyway. You media guys are a joke. Lose the bias and get a clue!" -- Rob M.

Just read your five reasons why the Patriots' dominance is a good thing for the NFL. Here's another: the Patriots' high level of play will force other teams to improve, both on offense and defense. Those teams that evolve will be exciting and competitive; those who won't or can't will continue to play mediocre football. The upside is that football can improve because of the Patriots." -- Joe.

Nobody wants to hear about Bill and the Spygate Boys. The entire Patriot organization was in on it and used those tapes to cheat for who knows how long. And now morons like you are writing about a season that should have an asterisk next to the record if they make it. Complete garbage. Talk about Romo, Favre, even J. Campbell. Stop with the Patriots. Nobody cares anymore. They cheat, they run up the score, and they are a classless act. Maybe a little West Coast love would be nice, too." -- Simon F.

Whether you agree or disagree, I appreciate the feedback.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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