Ask 5: Which team is most likely to trade up for QB in 2018 draft?

This time of year always brings a lot of chatter and misinformation about what will happen in the NFL draft.

This year is no different. However, I'm attempting to cut through the clutter to get a read on what NFL personnel executives view as possibilities for a blockbuster move that could shake up the first round of the draft. We've already seen the Jets move up from No. 6 to No. 3, and I expect them to pick a QB with their top pick. Will another team follow their lead? I reached out to five execs with this question: Which team is most likely to trade up for a quarterback?

Here are their responses.

Executive 1:Arizona Cardinals
Currently hold: Pick 15 in Round 1
"The Cardinals need to get their quarterback of the future. Every other team in that division is set with a talented, young QB. I'm sure they'll do their best to move up for one of the top guys in this year's group."

Executive 2:Denver Broncos
Currently hold: Pick 5 in Round 1
"The Bills are the obvious choice. They need a quarterback. I wouldn't sleep on the Broncos, though. They could move up a couple spots for a quarterback or (Bradley) Chubb. If the Giants don't want to fall all the way back to 12 (Bills pick), the Broncos would make sense as a trade partner."

Executive 3:Arizona Cardinals
"I'd probably lean toward Arizona, but there are a lot of teams in the QB market. Several teams outside the top 10 have been doing a ton of homework on the quarterbacks. Teams like the Steelers, Chargers, Dolphins could be candidates to move up."

Executive 4:Buffalo Bills
Currently hold: Picks 12 and 22 in Round 1
"The Bills need a quarterback and they have the assets to move up and get him."

Executive 5:Arizona Cardinals
"Initially I thought Buffalo, but the more I look at it, I will say Arizona. (Sam) Bradford's presence allows them to develop someone for a year. A rebuild has begun already, but other parts of an aging core group will be gone in the next couple years. Perfect timing to hand the QB job over to someone like Josh Allen."

Summary: That's three votes for the Cardinals and one apiece for the Broncos and Bills.

Conclusion: These are some very interesting responses. I believe the Bills are the team most likely to trade up for a top QB given the package of picks they could offer. They signed AJ McCarron to be their "bridge" QB, but they are still in the market for a franchise quarterback. The fact that they have a workout scheduled with Sam Darnold tells me they have convinced his representation that they are working on trading into the top five of the draft -- I can't see Darnold working out for a team destined to pick outside of the top 10.

The Cardinals are the other team that makes the most sense here. Their affection for Allen has been talked about in personnel circles for a long time. If they want him, they'll need to make a bold move. The Broncos-Giants scenario mentioned by Executive 2 makes some sense. That could be a win/win for those two organizations, as Denver would get its QB and the Giants could pick up an extra pick, or picks, and still select a player inside the top five.

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