Ask 5: What's best NFL comp for TCU QB Trevone Boykin?


TCU senior Trevone Boykin is among the leading Heisman Trophy contenders and is putting up tremendous numbers for the second consecutive season as a dual-threat quarterback. However, many expect he'll have to move to a different position for a chance to make it at the next level. I asked five NFL personnel executives to give me the best player comparison for Boykin. Here are their answers.

Executive 1:Tyrod Taylor
"I'm not a big Boykin guy. He's a better athlete than Taylor, but he's not as good a thrower."

Executive 2: Hines Ward
"They have almost identical builds coming out of college. I think Boykin's best shot at the next level is at wide receiver."

Executive 3: Seneca Wallace
"He reminds me of Wallace. I don't see him as an NFL starter, but he'll be an athletic backup."

Executive 4:Johnny Manziel
"Strictly on the field, he reminds me of Manziel. I think Boykin has a stronger arm than Manziel."

Executive 5: Antwaan Randle El
"He's not a QB (in the NFL), but I like his quickness and elusiveness. Maybe you get lucky and end up with someone like Randle El."

Verdict: That's one vote apiece for Taylor, Ward, Wallace, Manziel and Randle El.

Conclusion: I haven't done a lot of film work on Boykin yet, but after studying him over the summer, I wasn't confident that he had a chance as an NFL quarterback. No matter how he finishes the season, even if TCU wins the national title, the postseason will be huge for Boykin when it comes to all-star games and his decision on whether to stay at quarterback or play a different position.

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