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Art Briles: Took RGIII 4 to 5 games to be back to normal

Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III has struggled coming off an ACL tear in his first two games of the season, but it's something he has been through before. 

Three games into RGIII's sophomore season at Baylor he suffered an ACL tear that would sideline him the rest of the year. 

In 2010, RGIII returned as a redshirt sophomore and his college coach, Art Briles, told me that it took him "four to five games" to get back to normal. In fact, Briles said that in the first part of the season he would limit his rush attempts until RGIII regained trust in his surgically repaired knee. 

Briles believes the hardest part of returning from a significant knee injury is "getting confidence in it."

"It's not just him," Briles continued. "Tom Brady went through it when he came back. It just takes time for you to realize that everything is okay, and everything will be okay."

"Just gotta go through stages of understanding (his) knee is stable," Briles said about RGIII's recovery process. "Confidence comes back. It's human nature. It's instincts that our body has."

When did Briles know that RGIII was back in form? "When he gets down the sideline, that's when we felt like he's back to where he was."

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