Around The NFL's power picks: Week 12

Welcome back to Around The NFL's weekly picks. This season will be a little different. We'll have all our picks as usual and include our Duracell Power Picks below them. That's the pick of the week we feel most confident in. (No easy calls allowed.) Also, make your own weekly picks and compete against the Around The NFL team with Weekly Pick 'Em.


Gregg Rosenthal's power pick: Seahawks over Cardinals. I'm not ready to give up on Seattle as a playoff team just yet.

Dan Hanzus' power pick: Jets over Bills. The Jets will rise above the snowdrift to upset the Bills in Orchard Park. Buffalo's playoff hopes will be plowed to the curb.

Marc Sessler's power pick: Browns over Falcons. Did you know that Duracell Quantum batteries are ideal for use in many battery-powered devices, including: portable electronics, wireless mice, toys, remote controls, flashlights, calculators, clocks and radios, keyboards and more. In other news, the Browns are going to drop a megaton bomb on the listless and soon-to-be-forgotten Falcons.

Chris Wesseling's power pick: Falcons over Browns. Cleveland's defense has lost too many key players the past two weeks. The Falcons' offensive line has graduated from detrimental to barely adequate over the same time period.

Kevin Patra's power pick: Seahawks over Cardinals. The Super Bowl champs won't go quietly into the night.

Dan Hanzus: 107-53
Kevin Patra: 105-55
Marc Sessler: 104-56
Gregg Rosenthal: 104-56
Chris Wesseling: 97-63

Power picks:
Marc Sessler: 9-2
Chris Wesseling: 8-3
Dan Hanzus: 7-4
Kevin Patra: 7-4
Gregg Rosenthal: 6-5

Hero picks:
Dan Hanzus: 7
Marc Sessler: 4
Gregg Rosenthal: 3
Chris Wesseling: 3
Kevin Patra: 2

First-place finishes:
Dan Hanzus: 4
Marc Sessler: 4
Gregg Rosenthal: 2
Kevin Patra: 1
Chris Wesseling: 1

Last-place finishes:
Chris Wesseling: 5
Kevin Patra: 2
Marc Sessler: 1
Gregg Rosenthal: 0
Dan Hanzus: 0

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